About Us

With a Bachelor’s degree in Management studies (University of Mumbai) under his belt, Akshay moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2007 to pursue post-graduate studies in Business (AUT). After graduating with honors in 2008, he set out to experience the job market in NZ in the following six years. A travel enthusiast, Akshay was exposed to different cultures during his journey through the breathtaking North and South islands of NZ with only his Yamaha R6 for company. He realized through his expeditions and his work in retail that he enjoyed meeting new people and closely interacting with them came naturally to him. With a dream to start a business of his own, he decided to come back to his roots in India to apply his practical skills and knowledge of almost a decade. The field of real estate was a natural choice for him as it combined two of his strongest attributes, people interaction and a love for land and spaces. Thus was born, Akshay Argade Real Estate in 2012.

Today, Akshay’s portfolio boasts of NRI clients and dealings of properties in Navi Mumbai, South Mumbai, Pune and Dubai.


Akshay's vision simply put is, 'to provide the best, to the best'.