Vaastu Tips to Consider while Buying House

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To begin with, Happy New Year to everyone. May your life be filled with peace, prosperity and success in this new year.


Well, to talk about peace, prosperity and success, in our Asian traditions, we believe that our surroundings and its features have a lot to do in our life and well-being. And the science that evaluate these and make attempt to manifest these in our life is called Vaastu. In modern days, people are becoming more and more aware about this shastra and are accepting them with open arms to incorporate them into the lives.

Today, in this blog, I will discuss about some vaastu practices that while keeping in mind and considering while buying house, can make your life more fulfilling and happy. So, check out:

1. While considering a house to buy, always check out the plot over which it is built. Try and buy a house that is on regular plot like square and rectangle. The irregular plots tend to have missing direction that misguide the good energy flying to the house.

2. The house situated over a leveled plot or have steep in the south or west directions is auspicious. Also the house that have hills or a tall tower in these two directions are favorable as it increases the support system of life and success.

3. The house that has open land in the north or east directions make the atmosphere most favourable for business and opportunities.

4. Make sure that the main entrance of the house is not hindered in anyway, not even trees. This will prevent the good energies from getting into the house.

5. Coming to the internal structures, check out that the bedrooms are not built right above the kitchen and bathrooms are not built over the kitchen and dinning area. These are likely to bring illness to the house.

Saying so, an easy filter point can be, always prefer to buy a house from a person who is moving on to a big and more expensive house. That ensures that this house has acted in favor to the person and most likely to gain you benefits as well.

If you have any more tips in your kitty, share with us in the comment box below!

Catch you soon with another interesting topic.

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