Theme Based Housing: The new trend in Indian real estate domain

theme based house

Theme-based residential projects have been gaining momentum as the taste of consumers has shifted to architectural design, while the other factors like health clubs, spacious living, enviable location have taken a backseat.

The fact is that most of the home buyers, who seem to be interested in theme based housing mostly comprise of HNIs and NRIs. The architectural themes that have been popular are Egyptian, Arabic, Spanish, Mediterranean, Roman and Moroccan. The European renaissance design is becoming more of a trend for this type of properties in the Indian real estate domain.

There are several reasons why the aspirational crowd is looking for theme based properties. These properties boast charismatic ancient era, contemporary designs and latest facilities. Well-known developers and real estate companies are increasingly catering to the demands of the high income home buyers. Theme-based projects can be witnessed not only in Mumbai, it is also now a trend among across various cities and states in India.

According to some real estate analysts, a project is said to get sold more if it has an attractive pricing and an exceptional design concept that perfectly blends with a particular theme. It is good to remember that home buyers today are well-informed and educated due to the kind of exposure to instant information they have through various sources.

In fact, some real estate companies have roped in expert architects from abroad to bring the feel of an exact theme based concept. This trend is not just limited to real estate domain as the state governments are also picking up this new-age style. The latest development is coming up in Haryana as the government plans to construct 13 theme-based cities along the 136-km-long Kundli-Manesar-Palwal expressway.

If you’re planning to invest in theme-based projects like these, here some of the things you should keep in mind before taking the plunge:

  • When investing, think about basic necessities like proximity to workplace, health care and education institutes.
  • These properties consume a lot of time as they are developed in phases.
  • There may be chances of a particular project getting delayed in the long run.
  • Make sure you are well-informed about the developer’s past projects.
  • Appreciation from the theme based project is guaranteed, but you will have to hold on to the property for earning capital.

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