Floor the right flooring for you!

Flooring is the one thing that can change, revamp and modify the entire ambiance of your apartment. Be it a resale flat that your are eyeing modification or a new flat where you want to have your choice of flooring, this post is surely going to  help you choose one and as per your budget. So let’s begin with the type of flooring:

Tiles Flooring


These are quite common these days and are mostly used for verandah, lobby etc. It’s not very well-suited for heavy-duty like heavy furniture placing and dragging. They have a glossy and chic finish and are easily washable. They get easily fitted with cement. However, many people often use it in bathrooms and kitchen as well for their easy washable quality, but it is suggested to refrain from it as it can become slippery as well in contact with water and oil.

Marble Flooring


To bring a hint of opulence in your home ambiance, marble flooring is the best option. The smooth and hardy finish of marble flooring reflects class and wealth like nothing else. You can choose between white, pink or Grey and also it is heavy-duty flooring with quite a long self-life nothing less than 25 years. However, marbles are naturally occurring stones and therefore over-usage is directly proportional to environmental damage. Nevertheless people use it quite amply.

Vinyl Flooring


This is comparatively newer and cheaper as well. However, being cheap doesn’t degrade its look in anyway. They have an appearance of cold hard flooring but actually ooze out warmth of wooden flooring. However, they are scratchable and often gets discolored coming in contact with rubber.

Wooden Flooring


Well, not mere opulence, if you want to  show off your wealth, status, aristocracy, superiority, choose nothing else than wooden flooring. But this is something for which you have to shell out real money and can’t be faked. Wooden flooring renders an old world look and are very very durable. However, again it is direct environmental damage and also with wooden flooring you have to be ready for constant sound with even a pin drop.

Granite Flooring

By far, it is the most common kind of flooring used in Indian homes. They are hard, durable, scratch-free, and also stylish in look and finish. It is almost zero maintenance flooring option and also easily washable. They are again naturally occurring stones.

In our following post, we will be discussing some more options.

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