5 advantages of Navi Mumbai as residential place

Navi Mumbai is fast growing as a residential hub. The city was previously planned to support the ever-growing population of Mumbai, however over the time it has grown even better than the main city of Mumbai. Navi Mumbai has several advantages as a residential place, however there are five primary advantages that played havoc behind the growing popularity of the area.

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1. Planned City- Yes, as already told, Navi Mumbai was planned to support the growing Mumbai population and the city has been planned well. Navi Mumbai is not like many other cities which have developed arbitrarily as the human necessities encroached the land. Navi Mumbai is a pre-planned city where each and every road, facility and amenity has been placed as per planned layout after much thoughtful considerations. Therefore, it is not only convenient but also lesser congested.

2. More of nature- As a by-product of well-planning, Navi Mumbai is left with much more of the nature. In spite of its increasing population, Navi Mumbai is still left with large area of natural water bodies and greenery. There are several both big and small planned and reserved parks, playgrounds and lakes. In fact, builder too are quite considerate in this regard and they are not curbing the natural water bodies and playgrounds, instead planning the townships and residential complexes around them.

3. Convenient communication system- As a part of a planned city, each and every road in Navi Mumbai are wide and well-maintained and connected to one another in much easier layout. Broad roads ensure lesser traffic congestion and therefore faster movement. The city has its own bus service, and also several private buses and auto-rickshaws ply around the city. The city is further well connected with railway line with state-of-art stations at regular intervals. The city is connected to the main land of Mumbai via harbor line and the adjoining city of Thane via Thane-Vashi-Panvel local line. Navi Mumbai International Airport is coming up soon as well.

4. Lesser scarcity of water- Yes, we all know that scarcity of water is one of the major problem in Maharashtra. Mumbai and Thane are quite pained with this issue where people face long hours and sometimes even days of water supply cut. Navi Mumbai is comparatively in the better position. It has huge number of natural wells and also natural water bodies supplying water to the land throughout the year.

5. Growing educational and employment hub- Navi Mumbai has attracted several world-class educational organisations who have their campuses in the city. The city today boasts of the highest numbers of state-of-art schools, colleges and other educational organisations than its neighboring city of Mumbai and Thane. Also the city is fast growing up with business hubs creating thousands of job opportunities for the residents of the place who are no longer required to travel all the way to main Mumbai for earnings.

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