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Encumbrance Certificate- What Is It?

So, you are looking forward to a property deal? And surfing every possible informations on Internet and checking out agencies that can smoothen out the whole process for you!

EC or Encumbrance Certificate! Does that rings a bell? Well, maybe yes. You know by now that it is the most vital document required to look upon while purchasing a property or making a deal.


So what’s exactly EC or Encumbrance Certificate is? Let’s get into some easy definition.

Encumbrance Certificate is the one that documents any monetary or legal liabilities related to the property in question. In other words, you can say EC provides an over the top understanding of the property you are considering to purchase in terms of its monetary obligations and legal liabilities (if any).

So where to look for this certificate or who is the authority to provide EC?

EC is maintained by the Registration Department and to get a copy of the same one must knock the Sub Registrar Office. Generally it takes about 15 days to a month to obtain a copy of EC depending upon the SROs.

Why is EC important?

EC is important simply because it gives a clear idea and understanding of the profitability of the property in question. Also it is kinda history of the property and the phases it has witnessed.  Apart from this obvious reason, if you are considering a loan for the purchase of the property, the EC comes out as real hero. Nationalized banks generally ask for a EC for 15 to 30 years to evaluate the property.

Saying so, let’s catch some quick pointers:
What a buyer should look for in an EC ?

1. Check out that the property you are considering purchase is free of mortgages. That is, all its loans are paid off and monetary obligations cleared.

2. Check and verify the continuity of the title transfers. If any discrepancies noticed, get it scrutinized carefully and minutely to avoid any form legal hazards later.

Why a owner should check and update the EC of its property?

1. An owner should obtain and check the EC of its property regularly to rule out any possibility of fraudulent transactions against his/her property.

2. After every transactions made against the property, the owner must ensure that the details of the transaction has been recorded in the EC.

3. Having a updated and clutter-free EC increases the valuation of the property.

To know more about Encumbrance Certificate, read here:

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Why Choose Real Estate Agency For Property Investment?


1.Immense Expertise
Expertise comes with experience and experience comes with practice. Real estate agencies possess immense amount of expertise in term of real estate industry. They know which property can  appreciate in value.

2.Great Negotiators
When it comes to negotiation, agencies are the best to rely on. When they know everything about the property, they also know about the market fluctuations and trends and are also the masters to understand hidden arenas in terms of cost and valuations. Moreover, negotiation is nothing less than an art and they do it on regular basis.

3.Good Connections
Well, connections matters in every walk of life and so very much more in real estate. Whether you are buying or selling a property, finding a buyer or seller, choosing them, and dealing with one, are no child’s play. Agencies are great manual search engines owing to their great connections.

4.Relevant Knowledge
Working day and night in the world of real estate, these agencies possess relevant knowledge pertaining to ethics of the industry, rules and regulations, new and old laws and other legal matters. These matters play a huge while closing a deal.

5.One-point Contact
Dealing with an agency ensure that you remain headache-free through-out the deal. A property dealing means hundreds of calls and negotiations every day and for days. Going through an agency helps you simplifying the process and also they act as your one-point contact regarding a deal.

Though engaging a real estate agency is personal matter of choice, well most of the time it has been noticed that deals heading through agencies are more fruitful ones merely because they are more considered, evaluated and well-negotiated.

5 ways to assure good ROI on property investment


1. Prefer a growing locale rather than an established one - An already established locale will have high-cost of the property and also since the area is already established and thus saturated, the growth of the value will be slower. In comparison, a growing locale will have considerably lower property cost and also the valuation will rise faster as the amenities keep on getting added.

2. Choose an area closer to the upcoming amenities - If you are considering investment in a growing area to reap the valuation of upcoming  amenities, then closer the area to these amenities you choose, more the valuation of property likely to get raised.

3. Choose for an area closer to the public transport - It is safer to try for an area that is closer to the public transports. The valuation with definitely rise compared to your buying price. However, it cannot be assured that the price will for sure be higher than the areas a bit far. This is because, many people prefer to buy homes far from the chaotic areas and mostly commute via personal vehicles. Areas closer to the public transport are likely to be chaotic.

4. Choose an area closer to the schools and hospitals - This one is a sure shot. The areas closer to the schools and hospitals will definitely get hiked like no place else. These are the basic amenities for any individual to give first preference.

5. Is the area closer to the scope of commercial amenities and business - An area that is closer to the scope of business and commercial amenities are likely to get a raise in valuation and for that matter, havoc raise. However, it is also possible that such property will also be a bit pricy to afford.

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