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Floor the right flooring for you- Part II

Hello and welcome back to our blog! In our previous post we were heavily into discussing flooring options for your apartments that are available in India. Today we will talk about some off-beat flooring options which can add magic to your home decor if used in right way.

So here you go:

Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo Flooring is somewhat similar to the wooden flooring in many ways. They are easy to clean and maintain, however easily scratch able. Also bamboo flooring is not recommended for a humid climate as they cause the bamboo plank to crack. They have a chic and urban finish that lend a sophisticated decor to the room.

Laminate Flooring


This one is really dominating the Indian housing market at present. It has various shades and designs to choose from and are much durable and sturdy. However, while shopping for one, do take care to ask for the anti-slip varieties. They are also quite easy to install. However, the only con is that they are non-recoverable. If it is damaged, it is required to get replaced in totality. No chance of recovery.

Linoleum Flooring


This kind of flooring has also made its foray in Indian market, but these are recommended only for the low traffic areas of the house as they are soft in nature and are easily dented.  They are produced using the raw materials like dust, resin, cork and most importantly linseed oil. However, though having an impressionable nature, they are highly durable.

Terrazzo Flooring


Well, I need not brief you about its durability. It is the most ancient of the flooring and well stood the test of time. These flooring are made up of mixing chips of marble and granite and are super hard. The old and ancient homes still have these kind of flooring and are going pretty strong. In modern days, these have been however revamped in terms of designs. They are break-resistant, stain-resistant and are easy to maintain.